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High Water Clause

Hell or High Water Clause  地狱或高水位条款


A hell or high water clause is a clause in a contract, usually a lease, which provides that the payments must continue irrespective of any difficulties which the paying party may encounter (usually in relation to the operation of the leased asset). The clause usually forms part of a parent company guarantee. It is intended to limit the applicability of the doctrines of impossibility or frustration of purpose. The term for the clause comes from a colloquial expression that a task must be accomplished “come Hell or high water” that is, regardless of any difficulty.



See also  另见

  • Hardship clause  困苦条款
  • Force majeure  不可抗力


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Categories  分类

  • Contract law  合同法

  Part of the common law series  普通法系列的一部分

  • Contract formation  合同的订立

  Offer and acceptance 邀约和承约: Mailbox rule 邮箱规则

  Mirror image rule 镜像规则 • Invitation to treat 邀请作交易

  Firm offer 确定的邀约• Consideration 代价

  • Defenses against formation 抗辩合约的成立

  Lack of capacity 能力不足

  Duress 胁迫 • Undue influence  不当的影响

  Illusory promise  虚假的承诺 • Statute of frauds  欺诈条例

  Non est factum  否认定理契约的答辩

  • Contract interpretation  合同的释义

  Parol evidence rule  口头证据规则

  Contract of adhesion  附着力合同

  Integration clause  集成条款

  Contra proferentem  对条文发起人不利的解读

  • Excuses for non-performance  不履行的藉口

  Mistake  过失 • Misrepresentation  失实陈述

  Frustration of purpose  目的受挫 • Impossibility  不可能性质

  Impracticability  不可行性质 • Illegality  不合法

  Unclean hands  不洁的手 • Unconscionability  不合情理性质

  Accord and satisfaction  协定和满意度

  • Rights of third parties  第三方的权利

  Privity of contract  相互关系的合同

  Assignment  转让 • Delegation  转授

  Novation  约务更替 • Third party beneficiary  第三方受益人

  • Breach of contract  违约

  Anticipatory repudiation  预期废除 • Cover  承保

  Exclusion clause  摒除条款 • Efficient breach  有效率违约

  Deviation  偏差 • Fundamental breach  基本的违反

  • Remedies  补救措施

  Specific performance  具体表现

  Liquidated damages  算定的赔偿金

  Penal damages  刑事赔偿 • Rescission  撤销

  • Quasi-contractual obligations  半合同法律责任

  Promissory estoppel  承诺不反悔

  Quantum meruit  合理金额/按劳计酬

  • Related areas of law  相关领域的法律

  Conflict of laws  法律冲突 • Commercial law  商业法

  • Other common law areas  其他普通法适用地区

  Tort law  侵权法 · Property law  产权法

  Wills, trusts and estates  遗嘱,信托和产业

  Criminal law  刑法 • Evidence  证据

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