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Magical Qinghai

Magical Qinghai 神奇的青海

The province of sublime landscapes and captivating history is set to impress


Named after Qinghai Lake, China’s largest saltwater lake, Qinghai is a land of amazing sceneries, cultures, and wildlife. At 3,000 metres above sea level, Qinghai consists of large grasslands, as well as formidable mountains that might take more than mere courage to conquer. Bordering Gansu, Xinjiang, Sichuan and Tibet, Qinghai is a potpourri of different cultures with a healthy mix of Chinese and Tibetan influences.

青海省是根據中國最大鹹水湖青海湖來命名,這塊土地上有令人驚嘆的景色,文化和野生動物。青海省在海拔三千米以上,有一大片草原和壯觀的山脈,單靠勇氣恐怕還無法征服。青海跟甘肅,新疆,四川和西藏接壤,混合了不同的文化, 受到漢族與藏族文化的正面影響。

Linked by a railway between Qinghai and Mongolia since 2006, and an airport opened in Yushu County in 2009. Qinghai is relatively accessible and traveling around should not be too much of a hassle. Travellers to this part of China praise its clear blue sky, low white clouds, crisp fresh air and picturesque grasslands.



Qinghaihu National Park  青海湖國家公園

Located at the northeast part of the province, this national park boasts the largest inland saltwater lake in China. Some have described the lake as pure as a child’s heart, and as beautiful as an elegant lady. The lake offers year-round pleasure for viewing, from a coat of green spread over its surrounding grasslands and mountains, to snow-blanketed mountains and shimmering frozen lake, which might intrigue fishing enthusiasts to come for winter fishing.


Next to the 5,694 square kilometer lake is Bird Island, home to more than 100,000 migratory birds, from bar-headed geese, brown-headed gulls, swans, to wild ducks, and is a paradise for birds’ watchers. Be enchanted by the sweet singing of birds within the dense forest, and enjoy the mild climate and peace of the area.



Amne Machin  阿尼瑪卿山

Amne Machin is an eastern extension of the Kunlun Mountains. Its ridge has caused one of the great bends of the Yellow River, where it flows along the south-western side of the Amne Machin Range, then turns 180 degrees at the borders of Gansu and Sichuan. Its height of 6,282 metres is ideal for climbing from June to August, and trekkers get to enjoy visual pleasures of high grassland, glacial lakes, dense forest and mountain valleys along the way. Although the area is covered in snow in winter, the scenery changes when summer arrives—green mountains dotted with flowers, sheep, yaks and Tibetan nomads.

Amne Machin-阿尼瑪卿山是崑崙山脈向東延伸的部份,它的山脊造成了黃河其中一段的大轉彎,在黃河的水流經阿尼瑪卿山的西南面時,在甘肅省和四川省的邊界處轉彎180度。6,282米的高度適合在六月到八月期間爬山,登山客可以沿途飽覽高原草地,冰川湖泊,茂密森林和山谷的視覺盛宴。雖然這個地區在冬季時被雪覆蓋,但夏季一到卻有不同的景緻,綠色的山巒間點綴著鮮花,綿羊,犛牛和藏族的牧民。


Kumbum Monastery  塔爾寺

A Buddhist monastery set in a narrow valley near to the village of Lusar, Kumbum Monastery is a repository of Tibetan culture and art. It houses numerous sculptures, statues and religious artefacts, and is home to about 300 monks. It is a good retreat from the bustling city of Xining, as the route to Kumbum Monastery is surrounded by stunning hills.



Jyekundo Horse Festival  青海玉樹的結古多賽馬節

Held every 25 July, this festival brims with those racing, shows of horsemanship, a plant-burning rite to worship the god, traditional dances, singing and other activities. Besides the grand celebration of such traditional cultures, visitors can also take the chance to explore the surroundings, such as the market, monastery, as well as the source of the Yellow River and traditional artists villages.



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Source > The Travel Times Newsletter  旅遊時光報

Translated by > BlogHost

Word Count > approx. 510 words in English


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