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Mystical Israel

Mystical Israel  神秘的以色列

Israel’s unique geography and religious relevance promise a memorable and rewarding trip.


Religious tourism is evidently prominent in this country, as Israel comprises a large part of the Holy Land, a region of significant importance to all Abrahamic religion—Jews, Christians, Muslims and Baha’is. As the city of Jerusalem is of special importance to these religions, it attracts millions of visitors and devotees to perform a pilgrimage to this city. Let Diners World Travel takes you into the stunning world of Israel, where history and culture meets natural phenomenon and inspiring stories.

宗教旅遊在這個國家隨處可見,因為以色列有一大片的聖地,對亞伯拉罕宗教系的信徒如猶太人,基督徒,回教徒和巴哈伊(大同教)教徒來說都有重要意義。由於耶路撒冷是這些宗教的重要聖城,就吸引了百千萬計的訪客和信徒來朝聖。讓Diners World Travel-大來世界旅遊帶你深入以色列這個令人驚嘆的世界,看看歷史與文化跟自然景觀和激勵人心的故事如何擦撞出火花。


Mount of Olives  橄欖山

This mountains ridge in East Jerusalem has three peaks that run from the north to the south. It is one of the key attractions as Mount of Olives is the burial ground for many of the Jews for over 3,000 years and is home to about 150,000 graves.



Jerusalem The Old City  耶路撒冷老城區

Heavily fortified with a strong city wall, the Old City is divided into four different quarters, namely Muslim quarters, Christian quarters, Jewish quarters and Armenian quarters. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old City features many interesting sites, which one of it is the Jewish quarter that possesses a long and rich history, as can be seen through its exquisite architecture and artefacts. Don’t miss out the Crusader Church of St Anne, and the Pool of Bethesda, as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where Jesus was crucified.



Jerusalem The New City  耶路撒冷新城區

Within the New City stands an interesting architecture, the Israel Museum, the largest cultural institutions in the State of Israel and ranked among the world’s leading art and archaeology museums. It is home to archaeology, fine arts, Jewish Art and Life Wings, and also features the most extensive holdings of biblical and Holy Land archaeology in the world. The highlight of the museum includes Shrine of the Book, which houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, the world’s oldest biblical manuscripts.



Masada  馬薩達

A rugged natural fortress overlooking the Dead Sea, Masada is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also an archaeology site of significant importance. The Masada complex, built by Herod the Great, King of Judaea, is an example of opulent architectural design, and boasts a sophisticated water system of that time. Also famous for its ancient palaces and fortifications, and the first Jewish-Roman war against the Roman Empire, Masada itself is like a massive museum. An excellent example would be the Palace of Herod the Great, a luxurious villa of the Early Roman Empire, whilst the camps and other fortifications that encircle the monument constitute the finest and most complete Roman siege works to have survived to the present day.



Dead Sea  死海

Bordering Jordan, Israel and the West Bank, Dead Sea is Earth’s lowest elevation on land, and is also the deepest hypersaline lake in the world. Containing the world’s saltiest body of water, few animals are able to survive in the Dead Sea, but one can still find camels, hares and foxes in the mountains nearby. Enjoy a mud bath, which is rich in minerals, or experience a swim in the Dead Sea, as many believe it to be therapeutic.



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Source > The Travel Times Newsletter  旅遊時光報

Translated by > BlogHost

Word Count > approx. 540 words in English


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