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Vis Major  主要可见


Vis major (play /ˌvɪs ˈmeɪdʒər/; in Latin ‘a superior force’) is a greater or superior force; an irresistible force. It may be a loss that results immediately from a natural cause that could not have been prevented by the exercise of prudence, diligence and care. It is also termed as vis divina or superior force.

主要可见(拉丁语是指“优势”)是一个更大的优势力量,一种不可抗拒的力量。它可能是一个审慎,尽力和小心还是无法预防损失的自然成因所造成的损失。它也被称为vis divina或优势力量。

It is an irresistible violence; inevitable accident or act of God. Its nature and power absolutely uncontrollable, for example, the inroads of a hostile army or forcible robberies, may relieve from liability from contract.


This term has specific meaning in regard to strict liability. Strict liability in the law of torts allows for the accrual of liability against an actor where there is no fault or proximate cause given the damages arose from their participation in an ultrahazardous activity, i.e. blasting, damming of water, etc. However, “vis major” offers an exception to such liability. In Fletcher v. Rylands In the Exchequer Chamber, L.R. 1 Ex. 265, 1866, affirmed in the House of Lords on appeal in Rylands v. Fletcher L.R. 3 H.L. 330, the exception of vis major is introduced:

这个术语在严格责任方面有特别的含义。在侵权法中,严格责任允许一名行事者在没有人犯错或没有近因的情况下参与高度危险的活动时,如爆破, 水坝破裂等等造成的损伤不必负责赔偿。不过,“重大事件“对这种赔偿责任则有例外。在Fletcher诉Rylands(财政大臣厅内,LR 1 Ex.265,1866年)案中,众议院上议院在Rylands诉Fletcher(LR 3 HL 330)上诉案里肯定了“大事件”也有例外之处:

“[Defendant] can excuse himself by showing that the escape [of a dangerous substance] was owing to the plaintiff’s default; or perhaps that the escape was the consequence of vis major, or the act of God… [emphasis added]” -Blackburn J Fletcher v. Rylands L.R. 1 Ex. 265, 1866.

“[被告]可以不必负责,但必须证明躲避[危险性质]是原告的错,或者躲避是因为重大事件或天灾的结果….. [特别强调] “Fletchers诉Rylands LR 1 Ex.265,1866。

The existence of vis major, or an act of God, will preclude the use of the theory of strict liability given the impossibility of anticipating such an event. (Think of a dam breaking after a hurricane where there is no negligence found on the part of the owner/operator of the dam.)



See also  另见

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