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Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplements can lower risk of dying



Boosting the level of vitamin D by using supplements for someone who is vitamin D deficient can lower his risk of dying by 60 percent, a new study found.


Analyzing data on 10,889 patients, University of Kansas Hospital researchers found that 70 percent of them were deficient in vitamin D, with levels below the 30 nanograms per millilitre considered necessary for good health.


After taking into account the patients’ medical history, medication and other factors, the cardiologists found that people with deficient levels of vitamin D were more than twice as likely to have diabetes. 40 per cent more likely to have high blood pressure and about 30 percent more likely to suffer from cardiomyopathy-diseased heart muscle-as people without this deficiency.


Overall, those who were deficient in vitamin D had a three-fold higher likelihood of dying from any cause than those who were not deficient, the researchers reported in the American Journal of Cardiology.


When the tem look at people who took vitamin D supplements, their risk of death from any cause was about 60 per cent lower than the rest of the patients, although the effect was strongest among those who were vitamin D deficient at the time they were tested.


Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a range of illnesses, but few studies have demonstrated that supplements could prevent those diseases.


Dr.James L.Vacek, a professor of cardiology at the University of Kansas Hospital and Medical Center, said : “We expected to see a relationship between heart disease and vitamin D deficiency; we were surprised at how strong it was.”

堪萨斯州大学医院和医疗中心心脏病科教授Dr.James L. Vacek说:“我们有准备看到心脏疾病和维生素D缺乏症之间的关系,但关联之紧密让我们感到惊讶。”

But the study does not prove that vitamin D is the cause of the effects seen. Other factors, such as disease, could be responsible both for the differences in health and the differences in vitamin D levels.


Still, people should get about 90 per cent of vitamin D from the sun and about 10 per cent from food, Dr Vacek said.


The human body makes vitamin D in response to skin exposure to sunlight. At least 10 minutes of full-body exposure to sunlight each day is required to get a sufficient amount of vitamin D, Dr Vacek said.


Certain types of food, such as oily fish, eggs and enriched milk products, are also good sources of vitamin D.


The findings mean that adults should consider getting their vitamin D levels checked through a simple blood test and take vitamin D supplements if they are deficient, said Dr Vacek.


He said: “If you’re not deficient, vitamin D is not a magic pill that will make you live longer. Its benefit is in people who are deficient.”



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