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Chinese Shoppers 中国购物团

Chinese Shoppers Big Spenders Super Shopping Troupe


横扫欧亚 精品店的 中国购物团

Those in the retail and travel industry should know how Chinese spend money outside China

业内人士 最欢迎 购物不手软的 神州购物团

Translate for Chinese Travelers Shoppers

Chinese Shoppers

Chinese News, Reports, Research, Statistics, Survey about Chinese Travelers & Shoppers 中文媒體 報道、數據、調查 等詳情


Bloomberg : Outbound Chinese travelers top spenders of the world in 2013

  • Global Blue expects Chinese outbound travelers to reach 60 millions in 2015 compared to 57 millions in 2013, and should reach 77 millions by the end of 2016.


Lianhe Zaobao : Chinese travelers still the global “shopping king & queen”

  • According to Global Blue, Chinese travelers are world’s top buyers in duty free shops, they chauk up one-third of world’s total spending on duty free goods, but up to S$200 million refundable tax not redeemed


Guardian : Chinese shoppers don’t just browse luxury goods to admire

  • Chinese like to shop while they are travelling because they don’t trust local brands and their qualities
  • China’s new Sumptuary Law to curb lavish spending is not going to stop the upper-middle class from shopping outside China


Japan Media : Euro’s luxury brands in China change strategy to retain customers

  • The new Sumptuary Law is forcing luxury shops to focus on service and interaction with Chinese consumers based on profile


Taiwan Media—Mainland shoppers swept luxury goods offshore

  • New Sumptuary Law in China affects luxury watch and pricy wines but drives more consumers to travel and buy overseas
  • Global Blue confirmed Chinese travelers had taken over American as the top tourist source.

路透新闻:中国游客海外消费创纪录 各国竞相吸引中国游客(腾讯财经)

Reuter : Record-breaking spending of Chinese outbound travelers the favourite visitors of many countries

  • Many countries are relaxing the visa application requirements to attract more Chinese travelers, and more air treaties signed

国际商报:中国游客海外消费连年增长 2015年态势仍将持续(新华网)

International Business Daily : Chinese travelers’ spending overseas continue to grow in 2015.

  • Outbound Chinese travelers exceeded 100 millions in 2014 for the first time
  • Outbound Chinese travelers will continue to increase at 15-20% in 2015

参考消息:中国人春节消费“外热内冷” 海外消费出手阔气(新浪新闻)

Cankaoxiaoxi : Frugal Chinese shoppers at home during Chinese New Year turn into spendthrift overseas

  • Number of Chinese tourists visiting Phuket and Bali increase two folds
  • In 2014, Chinese spent about 106 billions on branded goods, made up 46% of world spending, and 81 billions of which was spent outside China
  • Korea and Japan are the favourite countries for short getaway for Chinese in the north.


China Youth Daily : Chinese outbound travellers are top spenders

  • For every $100 spend by tourists worldwide, $24 are paid by Chinese travelers
  • Chinese travelers like to buy in specialty shops and shopping malls, for jewelry, watch, fashion and accessories.
  • Most visited European countries are France, Switzerland, UK, Italy and Germany


China IRN : Analysis of Chinese travellers’ spending oversea as world number one

  • Luxury goods outside China is 20%-30% cheaper than the same in China
  • They buy anything with good branding, not just luxury goods, they also visit property showroom
  • America tops the top-10 list for Chinese travelers, with the other half for Europe and Asia countries

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Chinese Travelers Shoppers News and Statistics



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