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Chinese Travelers 中国游客

Chinese Travelers Shoppers News and Statistics

中国游客 海外消费 的报道、数据、分析 等资讯

Those in the tourist market should read these news and get ready to welcome these big spenders all over the world.

要赚游客钱 的商家们 不得不知 在海外 花钱不手软的 中国游客大军

Chinese Travelers Shoppers Information

Chinese Travelers

News, Reports, Research, Statistics, Survey about Chinese Travelers & Shoppers

CNBC: Hey big spenders! Chinese travelers spend over $1,000 a day

  • Majority spend between $81-324, $324-810 per day, exclude accommodation.
  • Total spending increase from $27 billions in 2012 to $129 billions in 2013.
  • They account for one-third (35%) of global luxury market.
  • Outbound Chinese tourists are expected to increase from 97 million in 2013 to 200 millions in 2020.
  • Asia Pacific region receives the most Chinese guests (74%), followed by North America (54%), Europe(43%) and Latin America(30%).

Bloomberg Business : China’s Legions of Tourists Will Spend $155 Billion Abroad This Year

  • 116 million Chinese tourists are expected to travel abroad and spend $155 billions.
  • Favoured destinations include Australia, South Korea, South East Asia, Europe and U.S.
  • One-third of all Chinese travel expenditures goes to luxury goods.

China Internet Watch : China’s Travel Market to Reach USD 530B in 2014; Oversea Chinese Travelers to Spend USD 155B

  • Both the oversea trips and spending grow about 20% in 2014.

Quartz : By 2015, Chinese tourists could spend more than all the world’s luxury shoppers combined

  • In 2014, Chinese travelers are the world’s biggest spenders, spent $102 billions overseas.
  • In 2015, expect 100 millions Chinese traveling abroad.
  • The city of Paris and Sydney reacted to attract more Chinese tourists.

International Business Times : Chinese Tourists Break Spending Records Abroad As Inbound Tourism Falls

  • Chinese outbound tourism is hot but it’s only getting started.
  • Average Chinese tourists spend $5400 during their trip to U.S., outspending other international tourist by 21%.

CNN : Chinese travelers the world’s biggest spenders

  • Unlike other global travelers, Chinese tourists focus mainly on shopping.
  • China tops the list of international tourism spenders since 2012.

The Guardian : Chinese to become biggest spenders as record numbers head overseas

  • Chinese tourists are increasing keen to take beach or activity holidays rather than simply traipsing round tourists sites.
  • Officially, UK is more popular than France and Germany.
  • These days, Israel, Tahiti, Maldives, Seychelles are appearing on the itineraries also.
  • Some could spend £10,000 on shopping alone.

BBC : The world’s biggest spenders

  • Some 80% of Chinese tourist view holidays as shopping trips.
  • Chinese travelers prefer places with good Chinese food as well as local food.

MSN/Euromonitor Statistics : Chinese Travelers Choose Shopping Over Luxury Hotels

  • Lodging is not the absolute priority with the Chinese, traveling to the destination and enjoying the destination and spending there is the priority.

China Internet Watch Statistics : Rise of the China Outbound Tourism

  • China outbound tourist on average spent $3252 each per trip and shopping took up 57.8%
  • China is now the second most popular source country for visitors to Australia, following New Zealand with 1.2 million trips.
  • See table of where the money goes to shopping, accommodation, food, transport, etc.
  • More reports on What international hotels need to know about Chinese travelers.
  • See top 10 destinations of Chinese travelers across Asia, Europe and America.

China Internet Watch Survey : Understanding Chinese Luxury Travelers

  • What the Chinese care about when traveling
  • What social media they use
  • Which hotel review sites they read
  • What they like to share with friends and relatives online

UNWTO/ETC Research : The Chinese Outbound Travel Market 2012 Update (PDF eBook)

  • Comprehensive, relevant, useful, authoritative, detail findings and statistics about Chinese tourists

Survey Result of Chinese Travelers Shoppers

Chinese Traveler Shopper Survey

Other similar reports about Chinese travelers/shoppers in Chinese (with summary in English):

中國購物軍團 Chinese Shoppers Big Spenders Super Shopping Troupe


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