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Video Ad Samples 视频广告样本

HD Video TV Ad Service and Samples for SME

Every business & Org can afford and show Video TV Ad

Video TV Ad samples

Video & TV Ad Samples

SohoShow08Or click open to browse PDF Slides  或可点击翻阅电子书

Package A : S$2090

Products Services Installation Works

Bogo Floor Installation Video Demonstration and Presentation

Package B : S$3190

Event Function Dinner

5th Global Entrepreneurs Rountables Singapore Video Presentation

Package C : S$5490

Restaurant Shop

Chef Chan Restaurant Video Ad with own venue and staffs

Package D : S$7900-S$10K

Corporate Video Guides Training

Mencast Industrial Safety Training

Package E : S$10K+ or by budget

Property Project Sale Facilities Features

Paya Lebar Square Project TV Ad with Special Venue and Model

Package F : S$50K+ or by budget

Home Appliances Consumer Products Retailing

Mitsubishi Refrigerator TV Ad with Artistes


Video TV Ad packages

For more details on contents for each package, costs, how to work with us, and most of the basic things to know for smooth workflow, please read PDF Slides provided below.


Read PDF Slide 翻阅电子书



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See you soon with Video Ad online and off-line to present or boost your business, products and services.


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