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Chi-Eng Samples 中英译本

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Chinese to English translation short samples

中英 翻译 短文 样本

Arts/Museum Narrative 美術館 描寫

Traditional Chinese | 繁體 中文 (730字)

Vadim Zakharov Russia Pavillion 中作品為 –「Danae,其概念源自希臘神話一場黃金雨,天神宙斯降下了一場黃金雨,英雄Persus的母親透過這場黃金雨的沐浴,受了天神宙斯的胎.金幣由展覽館的二樓如雨點般落下,掉落至一樓的cave womb.只有女性被允許進入這個底層,並提供一個保護傘,保護自己免受這個黃金雨的淋浴.而在樓上,一個穿西裝的男人坐在粱上看著這場雨.而男子周圍的牆上裝飾著對玩世不恭及世俗的告白字句.這個作品似乎承認了俄羅斯腐敗的財富聲譽,對現代財富的尖銳批評,質疑著今天的黃金雨究竟會帶來什麼東西.cave womb象徵的是保持安寧、知識與記憶的完好. 另一方面,Belgium Pavillion,藝術家Berlinde De Bruyckere的雕塑作品 Bleeding Tree帶給我氛圍的強烈衝擊. Bruyckere將精神之物具象化,在這作品中她賦予樹木如同淌著傷痕、鮮血般的肉體,像是死去的軀體.她的雕塑探索著生命和死亡,脆弱、孤獨、死亡等元素遍佈她的作品.

The art work of Vadim Zakharov in Russia Pavillion is named “Danae”. This concept owes its origins to Greek mythology that involves golden rain. Zeus the deity showers the hero Persus’s mother with golden rain to be inseminated with his offspring. Gold coins fall like rain drops from the gallery’s second floor into a cave womb on the ground floor, and only women are allowed in with an umbrella to shield/protect oneself from the raining coins. On the beam upstairs sits a man in suit watching the rain in motion, and the walls around him are wallpapered with words of confessions that denote cynicism and secularism. His work of arts seems to acknowledge Russia’s craving for money and fame that corrode its land, cast sarcasm on modern riches, and question what the golden rain of today would bring with it. In contrast, cave womb symbolises peace, knowledge and memory intact. Elsewhere in Belgium Pavillion, the sculptural work “Bleeding Tree” of the artist Berlinde De Bruyckere awe-inspired me with an ambience of melancholy. Bruyckere embodied a spiritual entity by anthropomorphizing the tree into a wounded torso of flesh and blood like a corpse. Her sculpture examines life and death, with frailty, loneliness, demise and such other elements pervading throughout her works.

The Encyclopedic Palaceg是一個極大化的主題.他是展覽體制自身的歷史鏡像,參觀這樣的大型雙年展本身就像翻開百科全書.在有限的時間不太可能消化全數作品,總在事後藉由紀錄下的文字、照片及網路資料的查閱,才將其脈絡化.The Encyclopedic Palaceg」透過藝術置入尋常物品的敘事方式,與觀眾進行多層次對話,從宇宙的哲理思辨、宗教的心靈啟迪、政治的明諷暗喻等層面模糊局內與局外的界線.在「The Encyclopedic Palaceg」中,沒有絕對的完美,但無知絕對是追求任何知識時候的必要性條件.

The Encyclopedic Palaceg is a larger-than-life theme, it mirrors in itself the history of exhibition establishments. A visit to such a grand Biennial is like roaming within an encyclopedia. I am unable to digest all works thoroughly under time constraints, but to see a better picture through texts, images and online searches after the tour on site. The Encyclopedic Palaceg narrates by incorporating ordinary objects in the works of arts to have dialogue with audiences at various levels, obfuscating the boundary of inner and outer circles with over-laying topics ranging from philosophical dialectic thinking of the universe, spiritual enlightenment in religion and innuendo on politics. There is no absolute perfection in The Encyclopedic Palaceg but ignorance as a requisite condition in the pursuit of knowledge without doubt.




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