Translator 译者

Texts here include Travel,Health, Politics, Culture, Poem, etc.


They are considered more interesting and relax, also enjoyable during translation, than serious texts under Business and Professional categories that bore most readers to doze off.


Interesting as it may be, such texts always pose a challenge to translator with something unique and cultural-sensitive that has no equivalence in another language, especially English and Chinese, where the Twains shall never meet.


A survey question was posed to all translators worldwide if they like to translate poems, only less than 10% answer yes, one could imagine how difficult it was to translate the most creative literary works of the mind of literature masters. In other words, if one could translate poems well(call Transcreation), then nothing else cannot be translated, but just a matter of personal background, preference and choice.


Some previous works for famed classic English poems will be presented here, for readers who are tired of reading too much commercial, business and professional documents to take a break and appreciate the artistic beauty of good poems.


Click to see larger image. 点击看清晰大图

Click to see larger image. 点击看清晰大图

The many facets of Translator’s Profile  译者的多才多艺

Life from Heaven to Hell. 从天堂到地狱的落差

Life from Heaven to Hell. 从天堂到地狱的落差

Thank you for browsing with a laugh.  谢谢观赏笑纳。


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