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February 9, 2012 1 comment

Translate Transcreate Copywrite Services Overview

翻译 创译 撰稿 服务总览

Translate Write Web Text Documents Magazine Article and more

翻译 供稿 网页 文本 文件 杂志 文章 等等 双语 文字处理

Welcome to Translation Service Site

Eng-Chi 2-way Translation

Enjoy browsing please 谢谢浏览


Translation Service Infographs  翻译与编辑 服务图文

English-Chinese Bi-lingual Soho Translator Editor Writer ePublisher Content Provider


English-Chinese Translate Copywrite Editing Service 中英翻译撰稿

Bi-lingual translator editor writer content provider ePublisher 雙語 譯-編-寫

For details of service items, types, rates, payment and other matters, please click about Service Items

服务项目 to explore the following:

Text Creative Web Video Audio
Translate Copywrite SEO Writing Audio Transcribe
Transcreate Copy-edit SEO Edit Audio Translate
Trnascreate Co-write Content Writing Subtitle Translate
Proofread Edit-write Article Contribute Video Ad Filming
Review Brand-naming News Re-write

欲知更多服务项目,类别,费用等详情,请点击 服务项目: about Service Items 了解下列内容

文本 创意 网页 视听
翻译 撰稿 SEO 书写 口述抄录
创译 润稿 SEO 修编 口述翻译
校对 合写 内容 编写 字幕翻译
审稿 编写 专题供稿 视屏摄制
品牌命名 新闻重编


Tour Travel Translation 旅 游 翻 译

Click to see larger image. 点击看清晰大图

Tour Travel Translation Service 旅游翻译服务

English-Chinese 2-way Translation 旅游游客相关行业翻译


Financial Economic Translation 财经 金融 翻译

Click to view larger image. 点击看清晰大图

English Chinese Financial Business Translation Service 中英财经商务类翻译服务

Financial Translation for Text Web Publication News 财经翻译文件网页新闻刊物


Wine Translation 酒 类 翻 译

Click to view larger image. 点击看清晰大图

English Chinese translate wine spirits drinks for China market 英中酒类翻译

English to Chinese wine translation services 酒类翻译服务


Architecture/Building/Construction/Real Estate Translation

繪測/ 建筑/ 土木工程/ 房地產 翻譯

Click to see larger image. 点击看清晰大图

English Chinese translate building property architecture project 建筑房地产翻译服务

Architecture Building Design Property Sale Texts and Contents 建筑房地产中英文件


BOOK Translation  書本翻譯

英 美 畅 销 书 英 翻 中

英 美 畅 销 书 英 翻 中


More to come 待加 >>>Service Copy 服务彩页

Other Contents that I used to handle 其他經常處理的專業內容

  • Business Translation-Editing 商务翻译编辑
  • Advertising Transcreation Copy-writing 广告撰稿创译
  • Web Translation Editing 网站翻译编辑供稿
  • Psychiatry/Mental Health/Treatment 精神科/心理健康/治療
  • Health/Therapy/Treatment 保健/治疗
  • Beauty/Skin/Derma 美容/皮肤/微整
  • Medical Translation 医学翻译
  • Food & Beverage 饮食


Mind Works of Words  翻译的乐趣

Bi-lingual translation by SohoProThis blog is created to display various types of text translated from English to Chinese for interested parties to browse and assess my works as samples, and for parties interested in both languages or the contents.


I am translating eBooks on daily basis as a serious money-making business. I enjoy translation as a hobby and learn something new each time.


Some of the samples shown here are contents that intrigue me to explore further with terms and terminology that draw a blank in most of the minds. Most of them are encountered and found in Wikipedia, and of course, I am translating Wikipedia articles in English that are not fully translated into Chinese yet.A great many texts I opt to tackle voluntarily are quite challenging and tough, in the end rewarded with the sense of accomplishment.


Of course, no one is all-rounder, there are still many types of texts that I am neither confident nor interested in translating, hence they will not appear in this blog, especially engineering, in which I do not have any background at all. All professional and technical contents are boring to the majority but general articles are easy to read, interesting enough, therefore a breeze to translate.


Human translation brainworks by SohoPro

Brain Works 脑力手工

I am using translation software to aid or speed up the translation process but use them for reference only, it had never replaced the brain and its judgment for the best words to use and the best way to express in another language that sound local and fluent to the native readers. Quite often, the translation software produces junks that confuse instead of confirming the appropriate terms and phrases to translate, and I can only take a glance and restructure the whole sentence in mind to retype a new paragraph without using any of the software version. And most of the time I have to cross reference a few dictionaries to confirm which term in Chinese can be understood by all, other than doing some research online for nouns not available in any dictionary, especially ethnic and culture related contents. I was fooled by machine translation once for taking what it churned out for granted and discovered the mistakes during proofreading and copy-editing, I ended up spending more time and energy in fine-tuning or fire-fighting with minor but glaring flaws that will debase professionalism and quality of the entire translated document. From then onwards I can never trust machine translation, becasue the efficiency gained is not worth the quality lost that cost much more than dollars and cents. Overall the software helps as a quick reference only, at most 10% in my translation process, perhaps more for others or for other simpler texts and sentences.


In essence, machine yields efficiency, but no craftmanship. Hand-crafted arts with overall quality and beauty cannot be performed by machine so far, and in foreseeable near future.


Simplified and Traditional Chinese Translation

English-Chinese 2-way Translate Doc Web Book

For enquiries and quotation, please email  hkTan The Translator

询问或议价,请 电邮hkTan译者


Non-disclosure Policy

I pursue the policy of not disclosing client’s identity and written material whether or not Non-disclosure Agreement is signed disregards if the text is actually published for the public to see and read, unless consent is given for my written request to show and reveal.



Fair Use of Published Materials

With respect to copyrights under Fair Use policies, other than materials in public domain and consent given by author to re-post and re-produce according to author’s instructions, articles with or without author or belong to an organization (publisher/web master/site owner/magazine etc) published with promotional and advertising purposes (for more readership) but used as a sample of translation here, direct reference and links will be made for the source (website/author/organization) to help promote their contents and websites with good intention to benefit them, unless otherwise approached by the source to remove them. Materials and articles that are not already published for the general public or for certain group of readers to access and read will never be used as sample here.



bi-lingual translator for english and chinese language 翻译工作

Life from Heaven to Hell. 从天堂到地狱的落差


English-Chinese Translator 英中翻译员


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