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Oneirophrenia  梦呓性精神病


Oneirophrenia is a hallucinatory, dream-like state caused by several conditions such as prolonged sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, or drugs (such as ibogaine). From the Greek words “ὄνειρο” (oneiro, “dream”) and “φρενός” (phrenos, “mind”). It has some of the characteristics of simple schizophrenia, such as a confusional state and clouding of consciousness, but without presenting the dissociative symptoms which are typical of this disorder.


Persons affected by oneirophrenia have a feeling of dream-like unreality which, in its extreme form, may progress to delusions and hallucinations. Therefore, it is considered a schizophrenia-like acute form of psychosis which remits in about 60% of cases within a period of two years. It is estimated that 50% or more of schizophrenic patients present oneirophrenia at least once.


Oneirophrenic patients are resistant to insulin and when injected with glucose, these patients take 30 to 50% longer to return to normal glycemia. The meaning of this finding is not known, but it has been hypothesized that it may be due to an insulin antagonist present in the blood during psychosis.


Oneirophrenia was studied in the 1950s by the neurologist and psychiatrist Ladislas J. Meduna (1896-1964), also known as the discoverer of one of the forms of shock therapy, using the drug metrazol.

梦呓性精神病在20世纪50年代由神经学家和精神病学家Ladislas J.Meduna(1896年至1964年)研究发现,是利用药物强心剂发现的其中一种休克疗法。

Psychoanalysts, such as Claudio Naranjo, in the sixties have described the value of ibogaine-induced oneirophrenia for inducing and manipulating free fantasy and dream-like associations in patients under treatment.

六十年代的精神分析学家如Claudio Naranjo描述了抗抑郁药引起的梦呓性精神病的功能,就是促成和操纵接受治疗的患者产生自由幻想和梦幻般的联想。

Although it is still cited in diagnostic manuals of psychiatry, such as DSM-IV and in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD), oneirophrenia as a separate entity is out of fashion nowadays.

虽然这个功能仍旧在精神病诊断手册中如DSM – IV和疾病与相关健康问题国际统计分类中被引用,梦呓性精神病这个分离出来的科目至今已经不流行。


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  • Neurological disorders 神经系统失常
  • Historical and obsolete mental and behavioural disorders 历史性和过期的精神与行为失调

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