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翻译 创译 撰稿 与 相关服务 项目与费用

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Brief introduction of this blog, translation samples and related articles

Description of services and rates for 2-way English-Chinese language pair for :

Text Creative Web Video Audio
Translate Copy-write SEO Writing Audio Transcribe
Transcreate Copy-edit SEO Edit Audio Translate
Proofread Co-write Content Writing Subtitle Translate
Review Edit-write Article Contribute Video Ad Filming
Brand-naming News Re-write

Mode of payment & work in progress: any Credit or Debit card to Paypal account, email attachment in https, Job order, Invoicing

Working relationship: On-off piecemeal assignment, Project-based assignment, Short-term outsource work, Long-term regular outsource work



文本 创意 网页 视听
翻译 撰稿 SEO书写 口述抄录
创译 润稿 SEO修编 口述翻译
校对 合写 内容编写 字幕翻译
审稿 编写 专题供稿 视频摄制
品牌命名 新闻重编



Quality Eng-Chi Translation Service 中英双译服务

Quality 1st, then Speed 素质优先,速度为次

about : this Blog 关 于 本 站

Welcome to my blog that showcase some of my works for parties seeking translator for their tasks.

What I show here are mainly the tougher texts with contents that only professional translator would like to try. In addition, I display what can be presented in PDF and Slides other than normal texts with photos and hyperlinks for parties who would like to present their texts and products in various ways and forms to their audiences and readers both in prints and on web for the joy of browsing at finger tip. I would cover a wide range of topics that I could handle and will not attempt anything I could not do well at professional level.

Thank you for browsing some translation works in this blog or enjoy the contents written by other professionals as well.

Eng-Chi 2-way Translation

Simplified Chinese | 简体




Traditional Chinese | 繁體





about : Translation 翻 译 类 别

Please click Mind Works of Words in All Services Infographs

请点阅 【翻译服务图文 All Services 见各行业内容翻译

GeBIZ TranslatorFor enquiries and quotation, please email hkTan The Translator

询问或议价,请电邮 hkTan译者


about : Services 服 务 范 围


Text Translation 文本翻译 : most of the contents from generic to professional except Engineering-related subjects 普通到專業的內容,工程科的除外

Web Translation 网站翻译 : most of the contents 大部份的题材和內容

Video-Audio Translation 視聽翻譯video subtitle and audio text transcription 影片字幕以及錄音自白, 對白, 旁白,口述
Book Translation 書本翻譯 : hard-copy or eBook 硬紙書或電紙書

Book Editing 書本編輯textbook or eBook 語言書本教材或電子書

English-Chinese & Chinese-English Translation 中英譯-編-寫

Every word, phrase & sentence matters 力求完美,字句必较,琢磨成品


about : Works of Words 文 字 处 理


TEXT | 文 本


Text in English or Chinese provided to be translated into Chinese or English, self-proofread but no guarantee on zero typo and omission or other minor errors. Proofreading by another party is necessary to avoid glaring mistakes if any. Review after translation is part of the task to produce a better-finished or near-perfect work ready for publication.

Rate$: please see text further down about : Rates





Usually applied in translating ad copy with the play of words to capture attention and stand out among the rest, especially in headline, tag line, slogan, and description to impress readers for lasting memory, where free play allows other than transliteration. Basically it works on the basis of translation, but transcreate or copy-write a bit where feasible that add value to ad copy. This work hovers between translation and copy-writing, never replace either one.

Rates: 10% to 30% on top of Translation Rates


Check translated texts for typo, omission, mistakes, errors, consistency and any other editing necessary to polish the translated texts. Strictly proofreading does not edit or amend any sentence to rephrase, but usually do as a complimentary service if the text is fluent enough using most of the right words. Too much editing would involve copy-edit job. Usually don’t undertake 100% proofreading task but copy-editing when the translated text has more than 30% to be edited and polished or rephrased.

Rate$: 30% to 50% of Translation Rates





An important process after translation for quality control to be error-free that general public can accept without the impression of poor or low quality. Usually done by another translator of same standard if not higher, or done by the translator who is qualified to review the works of other translators. Most often included as part of the job in translation like proofreading for typos and minor errors as a promise to deliver quality works, it could take as much time as initial translation itself, and must go through at least 3 times to be satisfied before delivering the work fit for publication.

Rates : 50% of Translation Rates

Creative | 创 意


Partial proofreading but mainly improving the language, tone, sentence structure, use of words, fluency etc for a translated or written text. Proofreading by another party is required and recommended even though review is part of the formality in the service. If there are more than 70% to be edited, or almost every sentence need some editing, then it would warrant Edit-Write—another higher level of editing skill at different rates and charges.

Rate$ : 50% to 80% of Translation Rates





Various texts are provided or could be obtained through research to write a fresh copy with all the relevant information captured in an appropriate tone and consistent style for the target readers or to meet other specific requirements. The rates will be higher slightly if it involves translation before the actual process of edit-writing depending on availability of information in each language concerned.

Rate$ : 150% to 180% of Translation Rates





Write from scratch to present the target product, service or other subject to achieve certain purpose such as to inform, to promote, to sell, to build reputation, to craft an image, to entertain, to attract readers, etc. Most often applied in advertisement copy and promotional materials or marketing literature. Information and details to be provided so as to present in text. Word counts are scanty but text is concise, well-crafted or even poetic and creative.

Rate$: above 200% of Translation rates, may be up to 500% or higher





Add contents onto what had been written to improve the various aspects of the article, or other forms of collaboration and division of tasks, which involve also copy-edit and edit-write, including review but exclude independent proofreading.

Rate$ : use Edit-Write rates as reference





Write with very little or no reference to any texts available but out of one’s mind and thoughts for certain purposes, publishers and readers. Usually requested by magazines and newspapers who need first-hand copy-righted articles to fill up their spaces to feed their readers with something new and interesting. Travel guides, travel-journal, travel-writing and travelogues are also getting popular among tour-related operators as a soft-selling form to draw well-heeled well-cultured readers-travellers who pay for quality vacation and exotic experiences.

Rate$ : to be advised and proposed





Almost all foreign brands that sell and advertise for China market need a Chinese brand name. If not, all the established brands for the past 30 years will simply stick to its original name in alphabets. There is valid reason to do so and money worth spending. Chinese naming exercise considers several factors like number of strokes, pronunciation, tones, meaning, association with other words in one character or all the 2-5 characters combined, among other commercial considerations, we need to analyse the proposed names to view it from various aspects and let the best name stands out among the rest that present some strengths and benefits. The client will be fully informed of almost everything (not just linguistic) related to the names proposed (always have a few to consider) and make the best choice based on certain criteria and priority. It may take a week to do research, analyse, think and work on just one name, if inspiration strikes earlier, may be done in just one day. The stroke of ingenuity is a work of art based on some disciplines and with creative juices flowing in the blood.

Rates: Usually need at least 7 days, including research, fixed fee to quote with reference to rates of copywriting.




Web | 网 页

SEO Writing

Content is King on internet, more so for online marketing, including SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). Basically any SEO writer should be able to write well, like to write and enjoy writing, but this is not enough to be a good SEO writer, one should also be able to copywrite for ad and marketing purpose as a copywriter, and yet not enough still, the copywriter need to have good knowledge of SEO, keep up with ever-changing algorithms and practice a lot to be skillful with all the guidelines in mind as if they are second nature, and be a seasoned blogger as well. Besides, to be productive and have SEO quality in the writing, other than ready-made software tools to help check many parameters, SEO writer should have devised own checklist and work procedure to carry out the writing, review and counter check own work not to miss one of the important steps and parts and overlook something that could have optimised the engine’s search. Just like content writing and copywriting, practice makes perfect. Built upon copywriting and upon creative writing as the foundation, SEO writing is a level of writing skill higher than copywriting in the business world. There are very few skilful SEO writer on market now in any country, salary, fees, rates are high, at least 20% higher than rates for copywriting and copywriter.

SEO Edit

SEO writing is a time-consuming task to start writing from scratch with keyword and phrases in mind then review and edit to have a fair share of these keywords and phrases spread over the contents from beginning to the end, among many other guidelines to watch. SEO Edit saves the task of copywriting and writing anew but edit readily-written text to be SEO friendly (provided they are good contents already well written), by inserting some keywords and phrases at the right place, change the title and headlines, headings, paragraphing, formatting, key descriptions among many other SEO-relevant elements to optimise and avoid some pitfalls on a page, both readable and hidden to connect the contents better with search engine and earn higher page rank position to be found and listed in the first few pages over time, with consistent effort of other tasks other than relying on content alone, even though content is one of the major factors in page ranking. The time and energy spent here will be lesser than SEO writing, but rates will be about the same as copywriting, the job is both technical and creative, human-like and robotic, with an aim to optimise the search engine with quality contents and sell.


Content Writing

Mainly for web content purpose, may also be used for prints. No SEO consideration or extra process to tune up the keywords and phrases to be SEO friendly unless otherwise requested to be done as SEO Writing that will cost more for more time and effort involved. However, content writing will attempt to be informative, unique and compelling to be SEO friendly and favourable that attract readers to read and gain something that meet the eyes.

Article Contribution

Article(s) of certain topics and contents in Chinese to be translated or written in English of interests to certain group of readers as requested by the publisher/editor/web master/blogger, readers will obtain all the relevant contents and key information spread over a few articles in Chinese or one article written in English. May regularly contribute certain type of contents under certain topics for publication.

News Re-write

Any news and reports in Chinese to be re-written in English with key contents, partial translation editing writing fit for publication. May regularly contribute certain type of news and reports of interest to the publisher.



Video-Audio | 视 听

Video-Audio Transcribe Translate

Translate audio file in spoken English or Chinese into Chinese or English in writing, for subtitling or voice-over recording purpose. Such file may be normal or tough, hence 2 sets of rates. Normal if speed, clarity, word and tongue of the speech among other factors are common enough to be understood by listening once or twice to translate in full with accuracy, bearable with occasional tough nuts to crack. Tough when most of the speech throughout the audio file cannot be ascertained and translated in full by listening once or twice but to listen very carefully to decipher certain words and pronunciation to make sense out of it, usually need to repeat the same sentence more than 5 times up to 10 times to clear the stumbling block in the process of transcribing.

Rates : Normal Transcription — US$5-7 per audio minute; Tough Transcription — US$7-10 per audio minute.



费用:正常音档 – 音档每分钟57美元;高难音档 音档每分钟710美元。

Subtitle Translation

Translate movie video documentary file in spoken English or Chinese into Chinese or English in writing with or without scripts, for subtitling purpose.

Rates with scripts : refer to [about : Rates] below

Rates without scripts : refer to [Transcribe Rates] above



費用:有話稿 請見下文的【about : 收費】;無話稿 請見上文的【音檔抄譯】費用。

Video Ad Filming

To be undertaken by an associate business partner who is TV-series and film director for over 20 years, now shooting for businesses that need video ad to promote and present the company, the business, products and services. Using sophisticated lightweight equipment to shoot and produce HD video fit for any screen and devices online or off-line, cost had been brought down to as low as S$2000 affordable to almost every small business, no longer a luxury for big company with fat budget of 6-7 digits to burn. The playing field, the marketing platform and the entry level online is getting even and fairer for small fly to enjoy the same that big company used to enjoy exclusively.

Oversea clients are welcome, may incur a bit more costs for low-price package. #

Rates: (in Singapore Dollars SGD)

Package A > S$2090

Package B > S$3190

Package C > S$5490

Package D > S$7900-$10000

Package E > S$10000 & above

More details with video samples in HD Video TV Ad Service & Samples

# Clients and shooting outside Singapore : low-cost air-tickets and accommodation (2 weeks to 1 month advance booking upon confirmation of job) for a team of 2-3 added for Package A, B and C, such costs absorbed for Package D and E.





配套 A > 2090新币

配套 B > 3190新币

配套 C > 5490新币

配套 D > 7900-10000新币

配套 E > 10000新币以上

更多详情与全部视频样本在 高清视频电视广告服务与样本

# 新加坡境外的客户与摄制:配套A, B, C附加廉价机票与住宿费用(工作确定后预定两个星期到一个月的机票)供两到三人的制作组,配套D E的成本则包含在内。


about : Rates 收 费

Eng-Chi 2-way Translation

Generic non-technical non-professional texts 一般非专业内容 : 每字USD0.10-0.15 美元 per word


Professional & Literary contents 专业与文创文本 : 每字USD0.11-0.20 美元per word


Small Volume 小量 : 100-5000 words

Mid Volume 中量 : 5000-10000 words

Big Volume 大量 : 10000-50000 words or more 或更多

Rates determined by Generic or Professional contents, job requirements and end-product expectation, more time and more works involved will add onto the rates



 about : Payment Mode 付 費

Paypal1     Paypal2

Any Credit Card and Debit Card (Visa, Master, Amex or others), need Not have any Palpal account.

任何信用卡和轉帳卡 / 借记卡(Visa, Master, Amex或其他)皆可借由Paypal付費,不需要開立或擁有Paypal帳號。

Thank you and I look forward to working with you soon.

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