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Coming Up 新动向

January 1, 2016 Leave a comment

Coming Up Next on This Blog


待 贴 新 文 与 动 向

Eng-Chi 2-way Translation

eBrochure or Multimedia Slideshow (combine ebook and powerpoint to be semi-interactive) samples to present business, company, services, products, activities, facilities, environment, shop, set up, achievements, portfolio, information, guides, knowledge, news, any other contents relevant and useful to readers and prospective customers, allow them to read online or download read offline (by QR code or short URL) refer and share on any devices (including smart phone and phablet), aim to replace printed brochure to harness the benefits and power of digital media and epublication. Samples (30-40 pages in English and Chinese) will show the various ways of presenting different types of trades, businesses and subject matters for target group of audiences to meet the purpose of circulating the brochures online and offline. Another content slide will be produced to shed(on Slideshare platform for content marketing, advertorial, infomercial, soft marketing) some lights on this indispensable marketing tool that will replace printed brochures soon, and poster board on the street will also turn digital (some even built in camera to calculate number of viewers 24×7). Big corporations had already saved much of their costs in printing pricey brochures and direct all customers from any country to download eBrochure or eBook on official website, and produce different or specific contents in multiple eBrochures and or video to keep readers entertained or informed, while the money saved in printing was channeled into online marketing, the hottest battleground now.


Chinese to English translation samples for professional contents

中翻英 专业内容 短文样本

Video TV Ad Samples and Services

视频广告 样本与服务

Copy-edit/correct ESL Essay Writing Samples & Service

批閱修改 英文作文 寫作範例

SEO Content Dos and Don’ts (to be published)

SEO 搜优网文该做与不该做的事 (编写中)

Chinese Tourists Top Spenders of the world (English Reports)

Chinese Shoppers in Outbound Tour (Chinese Report)


English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation transcreation samples for the following in the Gallery

下列中英雙向翻譯創譯 參閱樣本在展廳

Consumer Products Translation 消费品翻译 :

  • Skincare 护肤品
  • Haircare 护发品
  • Healthcare 保健
  • Healthfood 健康食品
  • Snacks (chocolate, biscuits, candies etc.) 零食(巧克力、饼干、糖果等)
  • Wine & Spirits 酒类
  • & more 其他产品

Property Sale Translation 房地产销售翻译 :

  • Project brochures 建案彩页
  • Specifications 建筑规格
  • Articles 房地产文章
  • & others 其他相关内容

Transport Translation 交通业翻译 :

  • International Airport & Airlines 国际机场与国际航空
  • Railway Operators & Train Stations 铁路公司与地铁站
  • Cruise Centre & Cruise Operators 邮轮中心与邮轮公司
  • & others 其他相关内容


Restructuring of all posts for ease of finding and reading.

重整 所有贴文 方便查找浏览

Articles about brand-naming, SEO writing, translation errors & jokes.


Examples and discussion of transreation.


Samples for Content Writing, News Translate Re-write and other contents



It will take months to post all and may be posting till next year. Never compromise Quality for speed.


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Your email will be used for this purpose only, don’t need and will not use your email to do any marketing.



Eng-Chi 2-way Translation Service

Need help to translate or write something? 需要 翻译 写稿?

For product, service, notice, leaflet, brochure, signboard, poster, instruction, web page, web content, advertisements, any other forms of prints and publication


Piecemeal job, Project-based, Term contract, Long-term freelancing outsource works and other flexible arrangements, all works and files to be delivered online or on cloud


Translation Copywriting Editing service 翻译 撰稿 编辑 服务总览

电邮询问 费用等详情 Email to inquire ask for quotation to know the cost among other details

Thank you for your time spent in browsing. You may follow via email provided in side panel. See you again.



English-Chinese Translator 中英翻譯員


Best Hotel Lobby 最佳飯店大廳

October 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Traditional Chinese | 繁體中文


Click to browse slides 點擊看圖文


Luxury Hotels 最优豪华酒店

September 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Most Expensive Hotels 全球最贵酒店

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Favourite Suites 最爱酒店套房

June 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Asia New Resorts 亚洲最新度假村

January 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Best New Hotels 最佳新進飯店

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment
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